Chinese New Year

We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year at school.

We can’t wait for Shawn to come back from Malaysia so he can tell us about the way he celebrated the new year there with his friends and family.

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Visit the Topmarks site to find out what animal matches the year you were born.

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You can play some Maths games there too.

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This term we have been measuring and comparing length. It has been important for us to choose an appropriate item to use for measuring.

Kiara and Maya chose texts to measure a skipping rope.

DSC01505 DSC01510


Seb chose matchsticks to Measure his foot. Cameron chose unifix cubes to measure his foot.

DSC01508 DSC01509

Term 4 2013

As Term 4 2013 comes to a close it is fun to look back on some of the highlights of our busy term.

We’ve done lots of learning and enjoyed special events such as our unit excursion, Gala Day and Sports Expo.

Read the following posts to find out more.